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Other Services - Artist in Residence

Consider our other services for more exciting opporunities, to enrich your school day or Extra Curriculum in Literacy, Character Education and Drama. Meet the needs of your group with creativity! Consider the Benefits of an Artist in Residence. Book an Artist in Residence Progamme


Mis-Cellaneous Enhancing Performance Programme

M.E.P.P. consists of FIVE confidence building workshops. Each week students, actively explore a range of topics that develop thinking and life performance skills.


Mis-Cellaneous Extended Learning Provision

M.E.L.P is TEN week theeatre journey towards a performance. The programme can include; drama, singing, dancing; costumes, props, make-up,cameras, lights and action!


Stage Hands On Workshops


S.H.O.W offers helping hands that support your class or group with creativity, confidence, vocal training, acting and performance skills.

Give your play a S.H.O.W!



Take the hassle out of the process of session planning and let us build you a Bispoke workshop that meets your groups' learning criteria, lesson and project plans.

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