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Artist in Residence: Drama with Character Education

A great way to support your School's creative education programme is to book an Artist in Resident. We not only offer the students a chance to develop practical artistic skills but offer an insight into what a career in the arts may look like. Students are not the only ones to benefit from the residencies as they are also a great opportunity for teachers’ professional development and help to raise the profile of the arts within the school.


Working with an Artist in Residence presents an opportunity to work flexibly with an innovative specialist to enrich curriculum delivery, support skills development and embed a creative culture across your school. A residency can be anything from a few weeks to a full academic year and beyond. Working with schools to offer an innovative and  collaborative learning and development support.


Activities can include:

  • Regular artist-led skills sessions with pupils (class-based teaching or PPA cover)

  • Special projects

  • Topic-based activity

  • Supporting staff with planning – developing creative teaching resources / schemes of work

  • Larger scale collaborative projects – resulting in performance and new artworks for school display

  • Practical staff meetings and INSET sessions

  • Creative playtimes, lunchtime and/or after school art clubs


School Improvement:

Curriculum Programmes | Staff Development

  • Specialist Drama with Character Education Support 

  • Creative planning with phase leaders/teaching staff

  • Cross-curricular topics

  • Special projects and Performance

  • Team teaching opportunities

  • Regular workshops / PPA cover

  • Artist-led INSET and staff meetings

The Arts:

Skills Development | Arts Enrichment

  • Enriched curriculum

  • Creative culture embedded throughout the school

  • Develop Drama and theatre skills: drawing, masks, costumes, posters, props and staging.

  • Longer-term partnerships with artists

  • Exhibitions, high quality performances and workshops for your school.

Project Costs:

From £270 + materials per day / £2,700 per term + materials

Costs vary dependent on the number of class groups, workshop days or sessions.

Costs may be reduced for a multiple term booking.

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Staff meetings / INSET sessions

  • Practical workshops and projects with pupils

  • Lesson plans, schemes of work and teaching resources

  • High quality displays and production of original artwork


Outcomes and Impact: 

  • Raised attainment in art and design and across the curriculum

  • Progression of pupils’ skills throughout the term / year

  • Inspired staff with the skills, confidence and resources to teach more creatively

  • Visible and vibrant creative school culture

  • Creative approaches embedded into schemes of work and teachers’ practice

  • Enhanced school environment

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