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Workshop Enquiry

Considering a workshop to enhance your curriculum and inspire your planning?  Or would an Artist in Residence be your answer to achieving your short-term project, performance, school production or extra curricula Drama needs!

Simply complete the Workshop Enquiry Form and let us know how we could support you and your students. By completing the form, we will be able to arrange a chat, to discuss your class, curriculum ideas and needs.


Here's where you can find discover inspiring workshops to enrich your curriculum with a range of pragmatic workshops for KS2 to KS3 students.


You can select from our Literacy, Character Education and Drama Workshops designed to boost your student’s personal development and attainment. Or you can consider a Bespoke Workshop experience.

​​Our creative learning workshops focus on giving a safe platform in which students can explore a range of drama techniques, such as exploring text, devising short plays, improvising, exploring physicality through space, role play and much more…

Thanks for choosing Mis-Cellaneous Creative Education. 

We will be in touch shortly.

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