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Mis-Cellaneous Drama  Club
Confident individual characters...

Term Dates 2022-2023

Mis-Cellaneous Drama runs for 10 weeks within the school terms.
Every week, each class will enjoy exploring drama techniques and production skills towards the

End of Term Production. 



Term Dates & Times
Term 1 

  Taster   13th September 2022

   Week     Date  

    1              20th September

    2              27th September

    3               4th October

    4             11th October

    5             18th October

    Half Term Break - 25th October  

    6             1st November

    7             8th November

    8            15th November

    9            22th November

    10          29th November


    Re-enrol for Term 2 by 15/11/22

Term 2 

Taster   10th January 2022

Week     Date  

1               17th January

2               24th January

3               31st January

4               7th February

5               14th February

Half Term Break – 21st February

6               28th February

7                 7th March

8               14th March

9               21st March

10            28th March


Re-enrol for Term 3 by 21/3/22

Term 3 

Taster   18th April 2022

Week     Date  

1               25th April

2               2nd May

3                9th May

4              16th May

5              23rd May

Half Term Break – 30th May

6                  6th June

7                13th June

8                20th June

9                27th June

10                4th July


Re-enrol for Term 1 by  14/7/22

Term Times

Session Times: Wednesdays at 4.15pm - 5.45 pm. Children can arrive from 4.10 pm.  

Each term runs for 10 weeks ends with an End of Term Performance in week 10. 

The End Performance will run from  5.45 until 6.15 pm.


Each child is given an opportunity to re-enrol for the following term, before places are offered to children on the Waiting List. Please take note of the re-enrolment date to avoid any disappointment. 

TERM 1: Enrol for Term 1             14/7/22

TERM 2: Re-enrol for Term 2       21/12/22

TERM 3: Re-enrol for Term 1       14/3/22


This time round Mis-Cellaneous Drama we offer places to parents and schools who would like their child(ren) to benefit from the opportunity to benefit from fun, specialised theatre  experience designed to boost confidence and communication skills. Book now...

Membership & Fees
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