Mis-Cellaneous A.R.T provides workshop programs to schools and communities that boost confidence through pragmatic workshops.  We use drama, theatre techniques, and costumes as our tools to develop confident life skills for stage and everyday life.


Our Act. Reflect and Transform (A.R.T.) is a creative and innovative method of teaching and learning that encourages participants to use imagination and act/improvise on a stimulus word or prompt. The second stage is to reflect on creation/discuss, followed by the third stage to transform /develop/change the story or direction of the piece. The evaluation of the process is anchored on the improvement and possibilities. the method is designed to inspire confidence and tenacity resulting in pragmatic skills for life. 

Mis-Cellaneous Mission Statement

To stay at the forefront of arts and creative education, we ensure that access, quality, value, and equality are primary goals in the delivery of all of our services:

ACCESS - Striving to find new ways of delivering creative learning opportunities and embrace continual improvement. 

QUALITY - Constantly monitoring our programmes to offer consistency in quality and innovation. 

VALUE - We ensure the delivery of relevant, engaging, tried, and tested workshops that are underpinned by our 7C's Booster Formula for learning.

EQUALITY - Our philosophy on equality reflects a place to witness social unity and racial harmony.   Every individual is treated equally regardless of ability, race or culture, gender, or religion

The Benefits of Mis-Cellaneous

Meet a range of cross-curriculum targets in English, Personal Development, Citizenship, and PSHE.

Develop Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence skills.

Encourage self-confidence, self-assurance, self-reliance, and self-esteem through continual learning strategies.  

Support teachers with time-management in the delivery of curriculum workshops and themed workshop days.  

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