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Structure of the Day
  • We work with students in a drama studio or school hall.

  • Sessions are 50 - 90 minutes for KS3.

  • We can work with up to five KS3 classes.

  • To work with fewer classes, we can visit for just an afternoon or morning session.

  • To work with more than six classes we can visit across multiple days.

  • We will send you a suggested timetable when you enquire, and we can work with you to create a timetable that works for your school day.

Workshop Content
  • Exploration of popular books, traditional tales and fairytales first-hand, by embodying the characters and reimagining the story's world.

  • Use drama exercises and activities to imagine and explore the characters, context and topics from new angles.

  • Recount stories and explore characterisations - movement and emotions and intentions.

  • Experience the story with the facilitator in-role as one of the characters and recreate parts of the story.

  • Discuss and debate the decisions of the characters.

Learning Objectives
  • To think critically about the story by experiencing it first-hand.

  • To expand vocabulary and develop a stronger command of spoken English.

  • To develop creative ownership and the imagination by working alongside a drama specialist and education mentor.

  • To explore different ways of communicating, both verbally and physically.

Unlocking Poetry

Just like Shakespeare, poetry comes to life when it is read out loud. Our interactive sessions take students on an imaginative journey through chosen collections of poetry, introducing and exploring devices such as symbolism, rhyme, imagery and historical context along the way.


Exploring the language physically and vocally is a great way of engaging students with texts that can seem opaque and impenetrable on the page.

These workshops are tailored to each year group and focus on a particular poem or set of poems on the curriculum. We also offer a range of non-curriculum poets from which you can choose.

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These sessions are tailored to each year's group and can be focused on a particular theme of your choice. Get in touch to find out more.
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