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Structure of the Day
  • We work with students in drama students and school halls.

  • Sessions are 50 - 90 minutes for KS3.

  • We can work with up to five KS3 classes.

  • To work with fewer classes, we can visit for just an afternoon or morning session.

  • To work with more than six classes we can visit across multiple days.

  • We will send you a suggested timetable when you enquire, and we can work with you to create a timetable that works for your school day.

Workshop Content
  • Exploration of situation Dramas, topics, themes and ideas.

  • Use drama exercises and activities to imagine and explore the characters, context and topics from new angles.

  • Recount stories and explore characterisations - movement and emotions and intentions.

  • Experience the story with the facilitator in-role as one of the characters and recreate parts of the story.

  • Discuss and debate the decisions of the characters.

Learning Objectives
  • To think critically about the story by experiencing it first-hand.

  • To expand vocabulary and develop a stronger command of spoken English.

  • To develop creative ownership and the imagination.

  • To explore different ways of communicating, both verbally and physically.

Improvise, Devise &
Exploring Character

Our Improvisation & Devising workshops give students permission to let their imaginations run wild! We set up a series of practical drama games and exercises to release inhibitions, igniting creativity and encouraging imaginative play.


Each workshops has a focus on skills. Students will have the opportunity to present and celebrate their work with each other, culminating in an optional performance.

Action-packed and fast-paced, these confidence boosting workshops keep students on their toes at all times, leaving them energised, engaged and invigorated.

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These sessions are tailored to each year group and can be focused on a particular theme of your choice. Get in touch to find out more.
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