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Mis-Cellaneous Extended Learning Provisionn - M.E.L.P                           

M.E.L.P is a TEN-week theatre journey towards performance. 
The programme can include; drama, singing, dancing; costumes, props, make-up, camera, lights and action. 

An assortment of opportunities are used to develop confidence, theatre and performance skills on stage and behind the scenes.

At the end of the ten-week M.E.L.P, your group will be ready to give a showcase performance. The M.E.L.P theatre can fit into your school day or Community Project.

Character Education Workshop Programme


In Someone Else's Shoes

  • Only Joking - Bullying

  • Life's A Drama - Situation Dramas

  • Act-On It! - Motivational


Performance Workshop Programme


Play Titles

  • TWOC: Taking Without Owners Consent

  • What Time Do You Call This?

  • Problem Page by Julia Donaldson

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