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Summer School 2022

Join the Fun!

@ Mis-Cellaneous Theatre Summer School  

...and actively meet new friends!

Each Camp is fun-intensive and provides hands-on, minds-on, creative learning that develop confident performance skills for stage and everyday life.

Mis-Cellaneous embraces individuals without categories; builds confidence through drama and promotes learning through laughter.

Children and young adults who join the drama, experience the Mis-Cellaneous 7 C's Booster formula.

Our creative and fun workshop activities are designed to dramatically develop...


1.    Creativity​

2.    Confidence

3.    Communication

4.    Concentration​

5.    Collaboration​

6.    Cooperation.

7.    Coordination

Take part in the End Showcase and gain a Certificate of Achievement

(Places are limited)

Mon 7th Aug - Fri 11th Aug

A.R.T. of Performance Summer Camp
AGE: 12-17

Mon 14th Aug - Fri 18th Aug

Creative Drama Summer Camp
AGE: 8-11

Mon 21th Aug - Fri 25th Aug

Speech & Performance Summer Camp
AGE: 12-17
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