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Scripts & Sketches

TWOC: Taking Without Owners Consent Play outline: Taking Without Owner's Consent is what it's all about. It's fast; it's dangerous, noone really gets hurt - or do they? Alex risks it all, but can he pay the price of danger? A performance module that explores the nature of crime and the way in which the criminal justice system operates in England and Wales.

Activities investigate joyriding and shoplifting; the treatment of offenders and the dilemma between truth and loyalty, friendship and relationships.

What Time Do Your Call This?
Play outline: Gemma's gone clubbing and dad is mad. In family life things aren't always what they seem. A performance module that explores family, relationships and investigates how emotions can affect individual's decisions, character, achievements and family life.

Activities investigate the cause and affect of choices, actions and the opinions of signifcant others.

Problem Page by Julia Donaldson
Play outline: David is a teenager who has managed to keep secret the fact that Mr Jones, the embarrassingly hearty science teacher, is actually his father. David wants to ask a girl back to his house, but how can he keep dad out of the way? He writes to “Ask Dotty”, an advice column in a magazine but Dotty turns out to be an agony aunt whose answers only lead to further agony. A performance module that explores secrets, dilemmas and problem-solving.

Activities investigates and develops critical thinking when taking advice.



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