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Mis-Cellaneous Bispoke Workshops

Our Bespoke Service supports educators and community groups with developing ideas and topics into engaging and interactive workshops or modules. Take the hassle out of the process of session planning and let us build a workshop that suits your groups' criteria, lesson and project plans. If you have an idea you wish to develop, a tailor-made workshop can be designed for your specific requirements and moulded to meet the miscellaneous needs of your group.

We guide individual classes or year groups through a process of rehearsing sections of a chosen story. At the end of the day, the individual pieces will be knitted together, culminating in a whole school or year-group performance.


Perfect for end of term activities or ‘Arts Week’ projects, these days are brilliant opportunities for whole school bonding and team-building, leaving students brimming with pride and satisfaction at having completed the challenge.

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