7C's Booster

 An essential part of a balanced education ...

 It's exciting! It's upbeat! It's a theatre burst designed to dramatically unlock barriers to learning, improve achievement levels and empower seven essential life skills.

 The 7 C's Booster formula develops...

1.    Creativity - interactive drama that increases the imaginative ability to         explore, produce and develop new ideas and concepts and achieve               personal goals.

2.    Confidence - innovative scenarios that enhance the belief in one's               own ability to succeed; take creative risks, trust your ideas;                           experience greater learning and achievement.

3.     Communication - inspirational techniques that feed verbal and                      nonverbal expression of ideas; improves voice projection,                                articulation of words, fluency with language and persuasive speech.

4.     Concentration - Activities that focus mental skill to direct thoughts              or effort towards performance.  Act, rehearse, perform and develop a          sustained focus of the mind, body and voice. 

5.    Collaboration - Idea Generation Workshops, role-play and script                   writing that infuses a working together strategy.  Includes a                           combination of ideas and abilities that encourage introspection and           establishes a working ethic with increased success. 

6.     Cooperation – Situation Drama opportunities to establishes the                    process of acting together to achieve a common aim.  Exploration of            the process of discussing, negotiating, rehearsing and performing.              Encourages the use of clear methods to experience things working              together in harmony.

7.     Coordination – Production and Showcase that encourages the                        process of creative ability to combine groups of individuals with                    different talent, skills and abilities people in balanced movement.                Inspires skill and consideration to unite ideas and actions together              for theatre and effect.