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I began Mis-Cellaneous in 2004 as an initiative to celebrate the importance of individual voice and the uniqueness each person brings to life and the stage. Our hands-on, minds-on approach celebrates individuals without categories; it was created to develop and boost confidence through drama, in an environment that promotes learning through laughter.


Our exciting start was delivering drama clubs at New Oscott Primary School, to children with an interest in creative drama and in need of a confidence boost. With the success of this extra-curricular platform, we developed our service by offering workshops around SEAL, PSHE and Citizenship syllabuses, alongside various texts and plays, across the Midlands. As praised in a BBC Community News Feature, we provided fun workshops in speech, drama, and creative writing, "allowing young people to stretch their imagination".

Today, Mis-Cellaneous delivers Drama In Education workshops to schools and community organizations across the West Midlands; Community Youth Theatre and Faith-Based Theatre productions in Reading, London, Birmingham Mac, Mount Zion, New Jerusalem, and The Bethel Convention Centre.  Our approach offers every individual creative opportunity in which to A.R.T. - to Act, Reflect and Transform. A.R.T. uses drama with theatre techniques, costumes, mini-scripts, and music, as tools to develop confident performance skills, both for the stage and in everyday life.

The way that we teach drama differs from traditional programmes. Rather than following rigid structures, our sessions shift the focus to give creative freedom to individuals. They are designed to embrace participants' ideas for performance and to provide them with transferable life skills.


I am passionate about the Mis-Cellaneous A.R.T & Creative Education experience, which is designed to enhance schools' social education programmes and the delivery of PSHE and Citizenship themes. Our Curriculum Links ensure the expansion and support of learning opportunities for the Speaking, Listening, and Learning Objectives.


At Mis-Cellaneous, we believe that students can achieve all sorts of goals in all sorts of ways, and strive to help them to experience personal development through drama.

Elaine Batten

Teacher & Creative Practitioner

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