The Mis-Cellaneous Workshop Experience

Primary Plus Workshops

The Mis-Cellaneous workshop experience inspires individuals to respond to creativity in different contexts, play with language, make connections, perform and explore actions.  


Our Primary  Plus approach

Each workshop helps you to meet teaching targets areas: Curriculum Links

    Workshop Objectives: to provide opportunities for individuals to:

·    take responsibility; 
·    feel positive about themselves; 
·    participate; 
·    make real choices; 
·    meet and work with people; 
·    develop relationships; 
·    reflect on their experiences;
·    consider social and moral dilemmas; 
·    find information; 
·    ask for/provide help and advice. 

    Workshop methods include:

    Pragmatic and engaging activities using: costumes, props, theatre techniques,         music and percussion, prompt cards and scripts to enhance the nature of              performance.  

    Interactive opportunities underpinned by our 7C's Booster Formula, designed         to dramatically unlock barriers to learning and improve achievement levels. 

    Exploration and investigative drama techniques e.g: Frozen Pictures,                            Visualisation, Mime, Conscience Alley, Hot-seating, Thought-tracking, Marking                    the Moment, Flashbacks and Flash Forwards.  

    A range of In On The Act situation dramas, around identity, families, friends,                        friendships and relationships, drugs and alcohol and citizenship. 

    Performance opportunities in feedback showcases and forum theatre. 

Forum Theatre 

Participants act out short scripted plays and improvisations based on shared life experiences.  In it a central character (protagonist), meets an oppression or obstacle.


A brief discussion follows the first showing. The play can be restarted to run as before - this time, whenever an active audience member, feels the protagonist might usefully have tried a different strategy; they can stop the action, take the protagonist's place and try his or her idea. 


An interesting and engaging theatrical debate is created as participants take the stage, to project, challenge, analyse and show many different possibilities, by witnessing them in action or trying  them out. Experiences and ideas are rehearsed and shared, generating both solidarity and a sense of empowerment, which develop life tools and scripts that can be refereed to with confidence.

Each WORKSHOP runs for 60-75 minutes.  

Each MODULES can consist of 5 workshop sessions, running for 60-90 minutes.