Curriculum Link

Primary Plus Workshops

Mis-Cellaneous Curriculum Links, identifies SEAL themes with cross-curricular subject links, for learning at Key Stage 3 and 4; GCSE and AS Level, Drama and Theatre Studies. 

Our arts and creative education programme reflects the New National Curriculum aims for all young people to become:       

 successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve 
 confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives 
 responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

Secondary Plus Workshops, embrace the Secondary Curriculum Framework objectives and the seven cross curriculum dimensions: identity and cultural diversity; healthy lifestyle; community participation; enterprise, global dimension and sustainable development; technology and media, creativity and critical thinking. 

Our pragmatic teaching supports Personal Learning and Thinking Skills, using active discussions that help to develop knowledge and understanding in engaging, interconnected topics.    

Individuals are encouraged to understand themselves and the world they live in, while actively increasing: self-awareness, managing feelings, motivation, empathy and social skills.: 

    Seal Themes
 Theme 1: Learning to be together - Empathy and Social Skills
 Theme 2: Keep on learning - Motivation
 Theme 3: Learning about me - Self-awareness and Managing Feelings 

Workshop Example: 
You can see at a glance, each workshop include Curriculum Links; with SEAL themes and subject lto help meet teaching targets and learning objectives:


Talking Matters 

Talking Matters develops a ray of skills that are important whenever we speak.  

Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas and taught how to use their own unique voice. 

Activities explore ways to resolve conflict and develop the communicative skills needed, to help make friendships and relationships more sustainable and enjoyable. 

Voice and speaking skills are developed through breathing exercises, monologues, hot-seating and discussions, around matters that arise in imaginary or real life situations.

Our In On The Act topics selection includes: families, friends, friendships, bullying and much more.